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[XML]  anom_9km_2b83_52f7_ef91_iso19115.xml17-Jul-2019 21:3148985Global 9km Chlorophyll a Anomalies.
[XML]  jplMURSST41anom1day_iso19115.xml15-Jul-2019 21:1356213Multi-scale Ultra-high Resolution (MUR) SST Analysis Anomaly fv04.1, Global, 0.01°, 2002-present, Daily
[XML]  OC_e122_8547_dab0_iso19115.xml17-Jul-2019 17:3256508Flower Gardens Banks National Marine Sanctuary Mean 7 Day Ocean Color
[XML]  OC_f0d3_1bc2_8172_iso19115.xml17-Jul-2019 17:3256351FK 7 Day Mean Ocean Color
[XML]  SST4_9c29_08ac_eccb_iso19115.xml17-Jul-2019 17:3250509Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary 7 Day Sea Surface Temperature
[XML]  SST4_b24c_5823_8b7c_iso19115.xml17-Jul-2019 17:3250316FK 7D Mean Sea Surface Temperature

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